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June 19th, 2008 (07:43 pm)

Recently I've been doing some reading...and not just manga *shock*. Instead I've been inspired to read up about antient surgery. It has always been something which has interested me although I have never actively followed up on anything which was taught me to or which I had seen. 

Trephination is something which I have begun researching as it's simplicity yet complexity couple with the fact that it is the first known medical procedure which dates back to the stone age, interests me.

held down, cut open, river of warm blood. what's inside?Collapse )

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June 19th, 2008 (01:59 pm)

Hello (・∀・)ノ
I don't really like talking about myself that often as I'm not that interesting a person so I thought I would just post up some stuff about me to get it out of the way.

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June 14th, 2008 (11:39 pm)


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